Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st post for 2009!!!

To all my friends Happy New Year. So this is my first post after the long year end break and what I did during the last week of 2008.

First is to send my car for paint work at NextLevelCustomz -Sunway. So on the 30th Dec I was carless. After work I followed Joe Ng using public transport to go home.

car at workshop

Waiting for the bus opposite Sunway Pyramid. Missed the bus but the next bus arrived 10 mins later!

inside the bus - so excited cuz never take a bus for 13 years! Sorry not rich - if im rich i would have take a cab and go home! The air-cond was cold, not alot of ppl but nothing one thing is ppl try to kill their time inside the bus by playing with the handphone - sms, listening to music, scrolling the mailbox, contact and playing games.

so sad - no bikes are allow

the bus fare from Sunway to Asia Jaya - must keep this ticket!

took a walk from KLCC LRT station to Pavilion and I saw this! No Park (tiada taman?!?!?) or no parking?!! Can park a car here mer? or white board not enuf space to write ... ing?

Well actually nothing interesting to write but is more about my bus journey and experience! Nothing much to talk about my Christmas eve and New Year Eve cuz only stay at home - house cleaning for CNY. As for my 2009 resolution?!?! still thinking! How about you?


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