Friday, January 16, 2009

RM20 to watch a Hollywood movie?

cinema movies lovers better plan your next coming show on cinema for better ticket price on early bird discount, Wednesday half-price or students price cuz FINAS is planning/ proposing to increase hollywood movie to RM20! - to promote local movie woh, mean if you watch local features film will be cheaper than Hollywood movie - Cicakman 3? , lagi Impak lagi Maksima?

Read more here at NST!

Some good movies coming this year are:-

1) Fast and Furious 4
2) Star Trek IX
3) 2012
4) Chun Li (streetfighter) the movie
5) AstroBoy
6) Transformer 2???
7) Terminator Salvation


orilia said...

u.u nooo...

increasing the price wont make me watch more local movies if they're still not good. -_-

KaRo/Kah Rou said...

cicak man 3...yea rite XD

people dun watch local movie not because it's local, but because some local movies sucks...=_=

project3 aka Kennie said...

anyway cicakman fall under Genre of Comedy :)