Thursday, January 8, 2009

Self Potrait - Aura

Friends always said cameraman dont get the change to appear on the photos. So I decided to take a self potrait of myself - aura. To understand more about it please click here

Took this photo last sunday 4th Jan 2009 - this Feng Shui shop at Kepong called Realm of Crystal. It cost me RM28 for the photo and consultation - the result and analysis from the photo. Overall not bad in financial and work but she said have to take care of my health - my liver, kidney etc - the color purple tells about the health. left side of the photo tells us about the past, top is the present and on the right is the future! The color and the color intensity also tells us something too plus the yellow dots, dots ... can you see it?

This aura photo will not last forever meaning the most is 6 months where we have to retake again. I have to remove all buddha badge, jade, crystal etc and put on a plain white shirt as you can see from the photos and it only takes less than 1 minutes to take the photo and unlimited time to ask about you from the aura photo.

Well if you can analyse the aura please drop me a message.


MAAZ said...

There is a site that has examples of aura camera systems at that prints aura photos. Has anyone experienced this system?

project3 aka Kennie said...

thank you for link!

im still looking for a link about Aura analysis!