Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uniquely Singapore

Went Down to Singapore from 10th till 13th December 2008 for Siggraph Asia 2008. Unfortunately we are not allow to take any photos at the conference!

snap inside the flight to Singapore - morning about 8am

registration counter!

half of the time was at this booth!

no we did not take this cab from hotel to the Siggraph Asia 2008 conference! but check out the cab - not the hotel 81 opposite the road!!!

some auntie testing the VR!

Last day at Singapore we had our breakfast at MC D!

and I ordered my meal!

yummie! SG5.85 = RM13!

2nd day after the conference took a walk around city hall!

as usual will stopby at bookshop and notice this!

no wonder some of my friend like Winson Ho and Manmeng keep telling me how unique is Singapore!

Amir! your DVD can get it here lah!

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