Monday, December 1, 2008

2-in-1 camera and videocam?!?!

Personal alanysis and opinion about using camera a videocamera!

Currently only two camera in the market allow to shoot video and they are Canon EOS 5D Mark II (1920 X 1080 full HD) and Nikon D90 (1280 x 720). Will they be as good as videocam or replace camcorder?

Nikon today (1st Dec 2008) announced the new release of D3X and they doesnt mention about capturing movies! Read here. I dont think D3X is design in that way to capture movies! its for photojournalist.

The competitor for Canon 5D mark II is Nikon D700 doesnt allow to shoot video too! Rumous also says that the successor of D300 is D500 which allow to shoot video but not a full-frame DSLR.

For the pricing of the Redrock please click here. Ah yes this item can mount both Canon 5D and Nikon D90. But anyway the price for the Redrock DSLR mount is RM8640 (based on USD 3.6 exchange rate) and thats cost alot! Why not straight away but a proper Pro Video camera like Panasonic DVX202 or Sony HVR-A1P/ V1P or Z1P where dont have to buy this Redrock mount!
Visually is fantastic or prefect but to shoot HD videout proper microphone and XLR input? How about the battery consumption? Maybe have to buy DC cable too!

Well DSLR can shoot at better resolution but I think it wont be as good as a proper video camera! I would prefer a swivel LCD panel on a proper video camera and a close viewfinder to shot under the sun!

Canon 5D can capture 30fps where Nikon D90 is 24fps!!?@. Recording format for Canon 5D mark II is H.264 and D90 is MPEG!
Canon 5D - Continuous movie shooting time: Full HD approx. 12 min. SD approx. 24 min.* Based on Canon’s testing standards using a 4GB card. - Which mean that If I want to shoot a 60 mins HD full feature movie with only 1 camera I need 20GB card.
You can buy both of these camera and also to shoot some video for any purpose but personally I dont think i will replace video camera ... for now.


z - rIce said...

WoW..i'm Lovin It

The Members: said...

Thanks for the write-up, I enjoyed reading it.

But I think you meant 5D and D90 are the only 'DSLR' that can shoot HD video. There are many other point-n-shoot, such as LX3, FZ-28, T500 can do HD video too :-)