Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mountain bike to Genting Highland on 22nd Jan 2011

7.30am @ Genting Sempah

1st check point - the round about before Gotong Jaya

the climb

actually that day not alot of cars

the machines resting at Genting Highland

Guan is taking his oxygen
the 1st stop when coming down

stop due to Nicholas rear rotor burned

the next day my bike is ready to go back to mountain - changing from back to mountain tires
replacing the rear pad

Berocca - contains Folic Acid and Vitamin B helps for recovery

my choice of tires for Genting

cleaning the pulley

organic for Sintered pad??!?

phew! no rotor burn!

Guan, me and Nicholas Chan

1st major rest - the 1st round about after Batang kali Police check point.
stage profile from Tour De Langkawi - Stage 5 - Tapah to Genting Highland -124.3km - 27 Jan 2011

69.46km distance
4:46:43 ride time
14.53 avg
56.75km/h max speed

pagi: tiada hujan
petang: tiada hujan
malam: tiada hujan
min: 17 degree
max: 24 degree

Quick Note
- 22nd Jan 2o11
- started at 7.37am at Genting Sempah Hospital
- total riders = 3 (me, Nicholas Chan and Guan)
- Ride ended at 4pm.

20th Jan after Kiara 3 of us decided to ride Genting Sempah and Guan suggested me should go up till Genting Highland. I told myself I will only ride till Gotong Jaya and also hoping that the Batang Kali Police will stop and disallow us to continue to ride up. At 15km at the peak of Genting Sempah we saw another rider and asking us where are we going. Guan said we plan to go up Genting Highland and the guy said yes we can ride up and wont get shop at the police check on weekday and Saturday. DAMN!

Riding us from the beginning no problem at all and we reached Gotong Jaya at 10am and had our meal. I know my limit which I cant continue with them but Guan said "we already that far", "we might not be able to do it anytime soon" and thats keep me continue the journey all the way up.

At the start I can feel my legs are going to cramp. About 20 pedals turn I can feel my legs are going to cramp especially the right one. After stopping and want to continue my legs just cant get up and start pedal again. After a few hundreds meter we had a major break and I apply some muscle rub.

We had a major stop for every hundred meters and 4 more KM to go is the major challenge for us and especially me. Some friendly tour bus drivers offer help to shuffle us but I weave my hand and say NO NO NO. From this point onwards I almost pushing my bikes as I cant get on to my bike.

1km. Another major stop for food and cig for Guan. For me I know I cant stop for long so every major break im the one who go first and finally we reached the top - about 1pm.

After taking some pictures and Highland hotel we had our lunch at Old town. Order some food but just too tired to eat. During the break we refill water, strategies to go down telling them do not brake to hard else will burn their rotors, checking out some girls and we leave about 1.45pm.

Nicholas was going very fast and almost the the Chen Swee temple he stops and he had his rear rotor burned. During the ride down my jersey is completely wet. TIPS - BRING A EXTRA JERSEY OR ANOTHER LAYER OF CLOTH IF YOU ARE SCARE OF COLD and LONG GLOVE. I did not race down as Sunday 23th Jan evening I need to shoot for my client's wedding dinner. We stop every 1km to let the rotor to cool down as I do not was to buy another XX rotor. I also noticed my rear pad is almost finishing. Luckily I did not use a Sintered pad instead of Organic.

Was fun during the ride down till we passed Gotong Jaya where we need to climb 2 mountains and after that we reached the Police station at Batang Kali and took Genting Sempah back to our starting point. The ride down was so fun as I know I will be heading home. We reach the starting point at about 4pm and everyone was quickly pack and go home.

i will be continue to ride more details later. I need to go and replace my brake pad now.

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