Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ChrisKing vs. Truvativ Ceramic Bottom Bracket

my bike without BB now

I have change my crank and BB just before the Sepang Jamboree on the 21st Nov and its also my first XC ride with SRAM XX crank with Truvativ ceramic BB plus its also my first long distance 43km ride after my shoulder injury.

Almost toward the end of the race I can feels that my crank is not as smooth anymore - maybe due to the muddy trail condition. It took me 3 days to clean up my bike completely and I still feels the un-smoothness of my new crank. I send back to my regular bike shop, which is also where I bought my crank.

The bike shop mechanic told me to leave my bike behind as the BB need major cleaning. Few days later I took the bike back and it better but not as smooth as new.

After a few more rides it actually getting worse. So on the 2nd Jan 2011 I took my bike back to the shop and this time I do it myself. I tried to remove the old grease and put in the new grease but the non-drive side ceramic BB is not behave as usual where I can feel the roughness as I spin it. I took everything off my bike - BB and told the bike shop to claim for me.That time I was not happy with what I paid for a ceramic bearing and this is what I get?

some user comments of the BB at MTBR

I dont know how long will I get it repair or get a new BB and I prefer full $ refund. 4th Jan when over to Orbea Concept Store, Desa Seri Hartamas and bought a Chris King BB (RM485) with Chris King BB stepped Conversion kit (RM160) to use with my XX crank.

Chris King BB stepped Conversion kit. You need a few on the top most washer, center from left and the middle one for non-drive side, and bottom right for drive side.

the packaging and the price

If you ask me the performance between Chrisking stainless steel sealed bearing and Truvativ Ceramic BB, I would say its almost the same but of course ceramic BB is more smoother. Ceramic suppose to be 300% smoother, 5% lighter, 68% higher stiffness and 121% harder - according to Ceramic Speed.

I was told by a few bike shop mechanics saying that ceramic dislike water. Tried to Google on it but cant find any proof about it.

Stainless steel BB is much easier to maintain. According to Truvativ ceramic BB, ceramic need to be clean and relube every 500km ride. And each time when you relube, it need to use a special lube, which already came with the BB and look like this or you need to get this ceramic grease.

Anyway will continue to write and my review about ChrisKing Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket. Otherwise you can read about the review here.

and I found a much cheaper version from token, which cost only RM20 !!! Also read more about TOKEN Triramic bb here

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