Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shooting Film Now - The Feeling

Lately I have been shooting with film camera and here I want to record down what I feels using back a film camera - the experience

1) I have to wait till I finish my 36 exposure only I can change to another ASA/ISO film.
2) even though each film is 36 exposures I will feels very hard to finish a roll. I really have to decide or my framing and composition. I always bring along another 2 rolls of films (both diff ASA).
2) I keep looking a the back panel to see the after shooting result - I still thinks that Im shooting with a digital camera with LCD viewfinder.
3) how come those days lenses doesn't has a lens hood?
4) I do not have a flashgun and if I have I do not feels like using it with a film camera.
5) I keep worrying did i load the film correctly!!!
6) you can only show your family and friends the photos after You have finish the roll of film, develop the film, and print it.
7) your family and friends will be asking you give give them a copy. So you have to get ready to print for them or you have to scan and upload to FB or your blog.
8) You will go around to try out different printer/ print shop (kedai gambar) to give you the paper you want to print on (Fuji or Kodak), glossy and matte, the chemical they use, the frequent they change their chemicals etc.
9) Im more concert with the battery - worrying the battery will die on me then I need it. 2pcs of AA battery will cost RM7 now - Everyready. It will be harder to get if your film camera using a coins give battery - lithium batt. So need to keep spare.
10) Your film now has an expire date. Usually when you buy off the shelf you have about 2 years to use the film. Use it before it expire.

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