Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympus PEN E-P2 vs. Pasanonic GF1 (UPDATED 5th June)

the comparison

My R and D on these two 4/3 cameras!

I’ve finally make up my mind and decision getting the Panasonic GF1 with the following reasons:-

1) price – I paid RM2750 (GF1 with 14-45mm) and comes with 8GB SCHD class 4 Panasonic and a camera bag, which I don’t really need it but it comes as a promo package. The 8GB card allows me to snap about 1106 shots with fine jpeg, highest resolution.

2) Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)– I do not need the EVF as the LCD screen is clear enough with 460,000 pixels allows me to see clearly using my Contax manual focus lens. (clearer at indoor but outdoor under the sun you might find it difficult. I can see the focus clearly on the LCD screen without the EVF. Panasonic EVF will cost me extra RM600 – RM650 as stock are hard to get here in KL. You might find the EVF is useful at outdoor bright daylight. Its hard to see at the LCD under bright daylight.

3) Clearer and sharper LCD, as mentioned above. (GF1 460,000 pixels/ PEN2 230,000 pixels)

4) The user interface (UI) is easier to navigate if compare to Olympus PEN2. Easy and quick assessable for me.

5) GF1 comes with build-in flash where PEN2 have to buy a flash separately. You might be thinking you do not need the flash but you might not know sometimes you need it too. Both External flash will cost about RM500 – RM600 +. I was also told that I can use Nikon and Canon flash on GF1 but yet to test.

6) Video mode – GF1 has the option to shoot the video at either AVC and MPEG but PEN 2 can only shoot at MPEG. Both shoot at HD size @ 1280x720.

7) Auto focusing with GF1 is much faster compare to PEN 2. But later Olympus came out with the latest firmware to counter this problem. Please view here.

8) Easily to get a UV protection filter as GF 1 filter diameter is 52mm (Hoya HMC Pro 1 Digital cost me RM130 @ YL Camera), 46mm for the pancake lens @ RM60 for Hoya HMC 46mm, but PEN 2 filter diameter is 40.5 which only KEEP has it (RM15).

9) For me I prefer the look and design of the GF1. My wife also agreed with this. WIFE 1 + GF1 (after married wife is 1st not my gears and toys anymore, and Panasonic name this GF1 so this is my GF1 after wife)

10) Lastly is the price. I put this as my last option as already paying so much I have to make the decision based on all the points above. Panasonic is RM2750 with 8GB Panasonic Class 4 SCHD, 14-45mm lens, and a Panasonic camera bag where Olympus PEN 2 is RM3499 with 8GB card class 4 SCHD, kit lens 14-42mm, EVF, with Free Extra Battery (worth RM200+). I do not need the extra battery as previously using a Canon G9 with only 1 battery still can manage to survive with 1 pc. EVF is not necessary as the Panasonic LCD is clear and sharp enough. After testing the PEN2 EVF the only don’t see much point having the EVF on both system. According the all the sales personnel at Boeing, Key Color and YL, we can tilt the EVF for high and low angle but I cant hardly see anything from a distance between my eye and the EVF. Basically you have to stick your eye into the EVF for it to works.

11) Natural color. Olympus PEN series give retro, contrasting color effects.

Pros on Olympus PEN 2

1) PEN2 is solid build compare to GF1.

2) Olympus Image Stabaliser is build inside the camera where Panasonic OIS is on the lenses.

3) If you still prefer to use the EVF better to get the Olympus. Olympus EVF is so much better than Panasonic EVF.

4) PEN 2 comes with 8 art filters and depend on which filter it can takes up to 5 second to process the image. Some filters are very unique and creative.

Well, that’s all I can’t think off now. I will write and update more about using other lenses with micro fourth-thirds system. The other reason of getting this camera is also because I need a GF!!! (joking) actually to replace the Canon G9 and to use 2 of my old lenses given by my uncle, a Contax 85mm f1.4 Carl- Zeiss and a Contax 28mm f2 Carl-Zeiss lens. I also bought a YC to M4/3 conversion kit to fit these 2 lenses on the GF1 from YL and cost RM200 and another adapter to fit all my Nikon lenses to GF1.

I would also like to Thanks David Chua for helping with my R and D. Thanks David. You can also look at his review here.

the unusual USB connection from GF1. I need to use the cable from Panasonic to transfer my files. Which mean I cant use any other standard USB cable type A to type B.

Lastly I would recommend if anyone want to get a GF1, better get with 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. It will cost more if you know you will be getting one later.

You can read about Panasonic 20mm pencake review here and Olympus pancake lens here.

5th June - found another site about PEN-E1 here


junehoo said...

since u bought GF1, do u hav any pic which is shoot by that camera cc :P

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Got if you follow my post! :P