Sunday, March 14, 2010

biking 2010 (6/4/2010)

During my ride at FRIM 14th March encounter un-smoothness at the crank. Yesterday 21th riding at Kota Damansara the still feels the same. Send my bike to my regular bike shop, Heehong and Siang, the boss was not there so Ah Kit had the BB remove and found out the right BB bearing need to be replace. I must said that Ah Kit is a very experienced guy when it comes to bike trouble shooting. You just have to describe to him and he can tell you whats wrong with the bike.

shimano BB

Token Tiramic BB - RM250.

Tiramic® Bearings are a new issue of upgraded bearing which composed by a set of Titanium coated bearing cones, ceramic balls and KLUBER® lubricant with durability & longevity characters. TOKEN has supplied the Tiramic® bearings for Headset, Bottom Bracket, Hubs, Pedals, Derailleur Pulleys and various bicycle components to upgrade its quality and value.

Performance Breakthrough!
Speed increases approaching 4%
i.e. over 1km a rider can gain 20-40m.
High Quality TiramicR bearings

。 Titanium Coated Bearing Races & Cones, Solid Ceramic Balls and Kluber Lubricant. ˙
。 Non-Corrosive: Resistant to Corrosion ˙
。 Reduce Weight: Ceramic Balls are 60% Lighter than Steel Balls
。 Last Longer: Lifetime 5-10X Longer than Steel Bearings ˙
。 Accelerate Faster: Speed Increased Approaching 4% ˙
。 Roll Smoother: Ceramic Balls Are Rounder and Smoother than Steel
。 Low Friction: To Gain More Speed ˙
。 Less Vibration: Very Stiff Balls which Make for A More Stiff Wheel & BB
。 Not Prone to Contamination: Very Resistant to Dirt and Dust

left : Ti starbolts right: normal steel bolts

Its been long time I never write about biking and I have not been riding since CNY 2010 till yesterday @ FRIM 14/3/2010.

After the ride went to bike shop and the see the above photo just for sharing. RM55 to reduce 4g for 6 pcs of starbolts for your rotor @ RM55 worth it? Obviously no.

the damaged bearing at the Hope 2cassette body

The day after replaced the BB found another sound coming out from the rear wheel. Clean the chain and replace the jockey wheel and still has the sound. Took the rear wheel out and found out that its coming from the hub. Total damaged to replace all the bearing is RM144.

SKF 61903RS 2pcs RM28 each, 61902RS 1pc RM28 (the damaged one) and 61802RS 2pcs is RM30 each.

6th April 2010

close up of the chain - chain sucks - or under power shifting

the comparison

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