Monday, June 8, 2009

Weight Reduction Program for my bike!

Replace M5 and M6 bolts to Ti bolts and remove 1pc 180mm to 160mm front adapter total reduce 100g and replacing 180mm front disc to 160mm minus another 40g.

total replacing 11pcs of Ti Bolt and 4 pcs at the rear brake.

Replacing Shimano XT pedal to Crank Brother SL reduce 90g

Shimano XT shifter to XTR reduce40g

Total weight reduction is 220g. Next is XT crank to XTR and that will minus another 90g. Crazy me...


Kidd said...

walao eh!!! kayanyer!!!!

eh got thought of selling ur XT?? ^^

Find one day ride leh... ON road or OFF road, either one!


project3 aka Kennie said...

till i get my XTR loh!

ride can but you dont have transport ler! we can ride at kesas wed nite. ROAD. with rodies!