Thursday, June 11, 2009

buying a DVD player at Harvey Norman

Last night after work (11th June) on the way back using Kesas Highway dont feels like going home and decided to pamper myself a new toy after all the hardwork :( and decided to go downtown to get a DVD player.

Harvey Norman was having some sales and decided to go to Pavilion cuz purchase anything for more than RM100 can get a free parking and easy for me to carry the boxes!

At first already decided to for Philips that comes with HDMI cable and with upscaling 1080p features. Talk to the salesman named Sham to get some opinions for his view and decided to buy the Philips HDMI for RM299 and when I was about the pay for it another salesman asked me to take reconsider Pioneer. Earlier Sham also suggested me to take the Pioneer as we all know Pioneer can play most of the disc and not very sensitive but the price tag is RM399 and without HDMI cable sommore. (HDMI cable will cost me another RM200!) But both salesman said I can have the Pioneer (model DV410V-S) for RM369 - that was RM30 cheaper from the original pricetag!!! I did not nego as I know buying item from this kind of place will never get to nego and guess what, they are giving me FREE HDMI cable!!! and according to them it cost RM399 for the cable. I asked them to show me the cable and realised it not a sales item (please see attachment photos). I also compared the cable with Philips and the material plus the thickness of the cable is much better!

Anyway I bought the Pioneer and reached home, pasang and watch a movie till 11.30pm.

Still thinking did I get a good deal or what?

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