Sunday, November 16, 2008

cup cakes

Last Saturday nite didnt go out as I was just recover from "lau sai" so I help my chief to speed up the 100 pcs of cup cakes that need to be deliver the next day morning.

I was told to pick and count 100pcs

chief DV pour sugar water that has been boil till 116'c into the mixing bowl contain only egg white - 4 eggs white

the mixing takes about 10 mins


already 11pm plus still havent do the topping! Have to wait till the mixing cool down.

so thick!

the rejected one!

Ali tea - to keep us awake!

putting the mixing into the bag!

look like...!

at the end will be like this!

thats it from me!!! too tired liao! better go take more rest. Cant afford to take anymore MC.
Well thats all about my weekend!


Shoeaholic said...

*dang it!* DV got the funky KITCHENAID Artisan mixer!!! I want the light blue wan lor!!! :p Next mth go spore beli... u tolong angkat ye... kakaka!

project3 aka Kennie said...

i tolong cakap can and help take the receipt. spore trip got alot of muscleman coming :)

other FYI i didnt lau sai because of eating the cupcakes. hehe! can the cupscakes is not the same as the one at oh and ah...

oh and ah cupcakes bake by joanne!!!