Tuesday, November 25, 2008

creative bracelet for photographers

well, another item for your photographer friends this coming Christmas or 2009 Valentine. hehe hint hint! :)

This is a designer item from Australia and its actually "One of a kind, recycled from used camera components".

The cheapest one will cost AUS 180 (RM430). At this price you can get a 50mm F1.8 prime lens or 16GB Sandisk Extreme 3 liao or maybe you can buy a 2nd or 3rd or maybe 4th hand lens and take out the aperture ring, focus or zoom ring or maybe be whole lens at your wrist.

Well some ppl will still think its worth to buy especially the camera "fatt siew" ppl.

wah this one is from a f2.8 lens

zoom ring

If you are thinking of buying this please visit the link here

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