Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon 2011 - my shots

Theme 1 : Nature Guardian

Theme 2 : City of Color

Theme 3 : The Extraordinary of Ordinary

Nothing fantastic about this event. Was not in the mood the shoot. Just joined this event cuz I have not been shooting for quite sometimes. Meet up with a old friend and some new friends during the event.

Theme 1 shots - Guardian of Nature

no color touch up and Photoshop. Love the natural result from the camera.

Personally I love this shot. It has nothing to do with the theme.

uses a wide lens for this shot at the top floor of Lot 10.

Theme 2 : City of Color

lower angle would be nicer

using a tele lens and shot this pict on the rear mirror of a taxi

got nothing to do with the theme.

The theme 2 is City of Color. What I did at my camera for theme 2 is to change my camera color setting from normal to vivid since we are not allow to manipulate the image.

Normal shot. All Tom, Dick and Harry with a camera can have this shots.

this photo got nothing to do with the theme

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