Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12-10-2010 evening @ 9 emperor god opera stage

After work at 6pm I had my camera gear with me and was thinking to go to some place to shot and since Im on my way home I just drop by at 9 emperor temple to do some night shots. In my bag I only have 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 80-200mm and the body with 4GB card.

I reached there at 7pm and was waiting outside the stage. I walked towards a uncle at the entrance of the back stage to ask what time is the performance start and he told me 8pm. I saw 2 photographers inside so I decide to take the opportunity to snap some rare moment. Both of the photographers are very friendly I did not disturb and corporate with them by not blocking their angle. Later a uncle with Leica M8 joined us - now this fellow not very co-operate, blocking and wont give any change for other photographers to take sweet spot.

They are preparing for 8pm performance and I was there till "RELA" came in and kick us out from the back stage and that time they are so many other "photographers".

Below are some photos I managed to shoot from 7pm till 8.30pm.

she is ready and sitting at her makeup while waiting for the performance to start

can you see the blue shirt reflected from the mirror? that old man wont give any chance for other photographers to take. He just wont move at all and I take the opportunity to snap this.

shots from back stage

each of them has their own fan, that might was hot also.

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