Monday, December 28, 2009

11 things you should avoid/ take care for Christmas present!

a nice christmas card from UK. Really like it. shoot with Tamron 90mm macro.

IDIOT. This movie ended at cinema before Christmas Day!

Most newspaper atricles, magazines, website will till you what to buy for Christmas but for me I think below are some points we should also consider after many years to giving and receiving presents from family and friends:-

1) Wrap the present and include your name no one will know who is the present from!

2) Enough of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

3) Remove the price tag and throw away the receipt.

Do not give your unwanted stuff or used item as a persent. Else charity organisation are receiving Christmas present almost everyday/ week.

5) Do not give a totally unrelevant stuff to your friend and family like getting a Black Eye Peas CD for your Grandma!

6) Avoid giving a set of kitchen knife set to your mum, wife, gf or your grandma - make them think work harder only. You can get them something that they always wanted but chould not afford or not willing to pay for it. eg a original soccer jersey that will cost RM259. fake one will cost as low as RM60.

7) Gift Voucher - make sure its not going to expire the next day or the person have to travel down to Singapore to utalise/ redeem the voucher. Also avoid a voucher that can download or cut out from newspaper.

8) Talk about expire also make sure to check on the expiry date.

9) Make sure you do not buy the present if the person already has it. Buy something if the thing is better that the current one. eg. buying a Mariah Carey CD Obsessed exactly the same one. Maybe can get her a MV disc or something like that. Do some research.

10) And about the voucher again - avoid giving a voucher where the person have to come out with RM500 then only can use the voucher!

11) Get something where is ready to use. Avoid buying something where the person have to hunt for other parts in order to use the buying a Blu-Ray Christmas Carol and the person have to go and buy a Blu-Ray player.

If you do have any suggestion please do leave a message and I will do a compilation. credits will be given to you.

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