Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wald Industries Egg Beater Ti Spindle replacement - Finally!

finally I received my item from United the State yesterday 28th October. Been waiting for it for 2 weeks and finally arrived using normal post.

Total amount with shipping using PayPal

You can also read my previous post here about Ward Industries Ti Spindle R and D or see here for how to service the egg beater, here or here.

actual weight of the Ti spindle

The dust cap not in so good shape but Crank Brother Promised to send a some dust cap soon! Thanks to 2pure.uk

Please do not remove the dust cap using any coins. Use a proper tool - Flat big head screw driver!

some proper tools

old grease

closer look

Original Egg Beater Spindle (above) vs. Wald Industries Ti spindle. Notice the different?

left - Wald Industries Ti spindle is hollow

the bearing - I think is written 535 or 635LLU from the bearing.

re-grease using Park-Tool grease

and re-grease the new Ti spindle. Done! 10 mins per pedal.

Actual weight of Crank Brother Ti weight is 115g per pedal / 230g per pair. Actual weight for Crank Brother SL weight is 133g per pedal / 266g per pair.

actual weight after changing to Ti spindle

actual weight of CB original spindle.


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