Thursday, August 6, 2009


i have not been getting good nite sleep since last Friday 31st July. Beginning cannot sleep at all and pass few days woke up at 2am and today 4am. Sunday the worse till first thing morning go and see a doctor and desperately need a sleeping pills and the doctor gave me 3 pills. Took 1 at 8am and took off on Monday. Sleep till 3pm and took my lunch and straight back to my bed - hang over feeling. Tried not to fall asleep worry cant sleep in the evening! My mind is not tired and keep generate my daily routine work task - by itself!

I tired massage, burning essence oil, listening to musical instrument, drink herbal alcohol (yomeishu) and tonite will try listen to waikhong's meditation cd.

the progress:-
Fri - 4am
Sunday - was awake by my alarm - time for cycling!!! :)
Monday - 5.45am light sleep, keep waking up.

I really suffering now! please help :(

Thanks to my wife who have been sending me to work for two days where she has to wake up at 6am in the morning! @}--,-----

Found some interesting website about how to get good sleep here and also bought a Lavender home fragrance oil and Berocca - suppose to release stress and sleep better.

Saturday suppose to see acupuncture (suggested by eddie wong) but i think they are close till Monday. So today after work will be going again!

Berocca - can relief stress.

and Laendar oil

yesterday 10th August finally managed to go to the acupuncture shop. The doctor said take those madicine first for 3 days and no need acupuncture. Wah why so big bag!!!


huh! how come suddenly im reading road bike magz?!?!

last Saturday bought a new rotor and after removing the old rotor realize that my front brake pad is almost worn out.

6pm at the bike shop realized my rear brake pad also worn out and not advisable to do Kiara on Sunday and its too late to go KSH PJ to get this part.

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miss ifa said...

still got problem sleeping aa? _-_ woaa... see laa.. maybe too stress already xD hope u get ur normal sleeping pattern soon~