Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DPC Cycling Team

I was asked to design a logo (FOC) for a new cycling team and this is the outcome. My blog reader get to see first! Awaiting for club president Winston Loo aka SlowCow to reply with his comments see. He asked me to follow an existing local company logo (PDC) but as a designer i feels like i need to give this club a logo identity and relates to cycling. Winston if you see this please dont turn from a slowcow to a madcow.

Here i make a slight twist to the existing logo by rotating it to 45' and rearrange the alphabet completely and add a circle also try to maintain whats the "client" want.

Ok the first respond from him is (sms)

winston : "looking. how come my ori version no have?"
project : "i mod a bit ok ah. round like wheel"
winston : "i need 1 version to be simple yet garang can ah?"

How come i was not brief during the lunch?!? well will see how the logo growth from here!


On the way home yesterday i called Winston and see whats exactly he wants and he said he want exactly from the logo he shown me so this morning i created this : 90% close to what i see but still add my own design abit. Email this morning and he said we will talk about it this Saturday at his place during a party to celebrate his father's birthday!

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